Long Penny Necklace
Long Penny Necklace
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Long Penny Necklace


Pick your Lucky Penny! We love how iconic the Canadian Penny is, so we’ve incorporated it into our Long Penny Necklace so you can wear your Canadian pride in long, elegant style.

Choose your penny in the year of a special milestone…maybe the year of birth, marriage, children’s birth year, or the last year it was produced (2012). We have Canadian pennies in stock for most years from 1927 through 2012. Select by year from the Penny Year drop down menu below.

Please note that the 2002 penny has the year on the heads side of the penny. However, you can flip the necklace over to see the year if you prefer. 

Our pennies go through a rigorous cleaning process so they’ll come to you looking shiny and new….but just think of all the places they have already been.

The penny is enclosed in a sterling silver frame so you can see the front and the back of the penny.

This necklace includes your choice of 30″ or 36″ Curb chain (either length can be slipped over your head). See Sizing tab for more info.


sterling silver & copper

Please refer to our Necklace Chain Length guide.

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