Mother's Day Collection

Surprise your mom this mother’s day with personalized mom jewelry. Our mother’s day collection features jewellery made of silver sterling, and hand-stamped with meaningful dates, words or children’s names. This family jewellery is sure to become a family heirloom or a family necklace to treasure.

What Matters To You, Matters To Us

The first step in creating your own piece is selecting words, names and numbers you would like to carry with you always. Each letter and number is then placed with careful precision, a steady hand, great eye and years of practise on your chosen design. We pride ourselves on unparalleled craftsmanship and every item we create and stamp meets Citrus Silver’s high standards.

High quality, hand stamping means that each piece is both personal and unique—just like the mothers and grandmothers, memories and moments you want to keep close. Our Canadian-made pendants and charms are designed by our founder Karen, and offer stylish and timeless designs to suit any occasion.

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  • Citrus Trio Necklace $265.00

    Citrus Generation Necklace

  • CROPPED-Lavish $215.00$225.00

    Lavish Necklace

  • delight-tart $190.00

    Delight with Tart Pendant

  • CROPPED-Statement Necklace $180.00

    Statement Necklace

  • AmethystNecklaceSunny $155.00$165.00

    Sunny Amethyst Necklace

  • CROPPED-chicmookite $150.00

    Chic Mookite Necklace

  • CROPPED-Chic Pearl $150.00

    Chic Pearl Necklace

  • StatementBracelet $145.00

    Statement Bracelet

  • CROPPED-Sunny with double box circle web $140.00$150.00

    Sunny Double Box Circle Necklace

  • NewLargeDisc&Savour $139.00

    Sweet Marmalade Pendant

  • PersonalizedCognacLeatherCuff $135.00

    Personalized Cognac Leather Cuff

  • marmaladeonringboxcircle $135.00$141.00

    Marmalade Pendant on Circle of Love Chain