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Come Fly With Me…Necklace is Named!

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And the winner is….Wendy Graham!

We asked – and boy did you answer! We couldn’t believe all the wonderful suggestions that poured in when we asked you to help name a new addition to our collection.

Although it was a tough decision (you all are CREATIVE!), the winner is…. ‘Come fly with me’, courtesy of Wendy Graham who will receive a necklace of her own as a token of our thanks.

To us, this piece feels equally appropriate as a gift of friendship as it does love. Whether you’re buying it for a loved one or dear friend, ‘Come fly with me’ suggests a great adventure is about to begin. It also makes us think of dreams taking flight, and conjures up feelings of blue skies, companionship, togetherness, and safety.

We’d be lying if we said it didn’t also leave us humming along to good ol’ blue eyes… “Once I get you up there / I’ll be holding you so near / You may hear / Angels cheer, ‘cause we’re together….” (and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a little Sinatra?!)

A perfect fit for many reasons. But, as mentioned, competition was stiff. The winning moniker was selected out of a field of more than 150 – and some of its toughest opponents included ‘Birds on a wire’, ‘Song birds’, ‘Birds of a feather’, ‘Love birds’, ‘Soul mates’, ‘Silver birch’, and ‘Nesting place’.

We’ll definitely do this again – so keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook feeds for our next edition of ‘Name that piece’. In the meantime, if you love this one as much as we do, you can snag it for a special price until Sunday April 2nd, as it’s this week’s design of the week.



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