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Hematite Bracelet: Keep Calm and Hematite On

Hematite is widely thought of as a healing and grounding stone. It’s believed to help strengthen the body, reduce stress, calm the mind and even boost self-esteem, confidence and willpower. Bring it all on, we say!

Layering Delicate Designs

As we talked about in my last blog post, design inspiration comes from everywhere. I have recently loved seeing the delicate and finer-chain pieces put together on runways and in…
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New Years Eve Jewellery Fashions

Whatever your plans for New Years Eve celebrations, jewellery can be a nice pick-me-up that will leave you feeling comfortable and gorgeous. Here are a few of our picks.

Why We Love this Ancient Way of Wearing Jewels

Are you ever curious where jewellery traditions come from?! We are, and so when we introduced our anklet this week we did a bit of digging on where in history you can find the ankle bracelet. Turns out in Ancient Egypt, the Persian Empire, Ancient India … and through the ages!