About Citrus Silver


Our crush has always been on sterling silver for its shiny brilliance. It is affordable, beautiful and timeless enough to hand down to your children. This precious metal allows the letters and numbers to leave a clear, deep impression in the silver that will last forever for a look that never fades. No amount of wear will minimize what matters most to you.

The first step in creating your own piece is selecting words, names and numbers you would like to carry with you always. Each letter and number is then placed with careful precision, a steady hand, great eye and years of practise on your chosen design. We pride ourselves on unparalleled craftsmanship and every item we create and stamp meets Citrus Silver’s high standards.

High quality, hand stamping means that each piece is both personal and unique—just like the people, memories and moments you want to keep close. Our Canadian-made pendants and charms are designed by our founder Karen, and offer stylish and timeless designs to suit any occasion.

Over the years, countless names have been stamped into sterling silver. It gives Karen shivers (the good kind) when she reflects on her work and how personal each stamped name is to the person wearing it. Just like the family that it represents, each pendant is unlike any other.

What hasn’t changed in a decade? Clean bold lines, quality craftsmanship, timeless meanings and exceptional customer service. These are the hallmarks of Citrus Silver and why customers return again and again.


We started as a Canadian jewellery company for women. Almost a decade later and we’re designing personalized pieces for kids, teens and men too. From cuff links, key chains, earrings, necklaces and bracelets in styles from simple everyday to evening chic, we’ve got you covered.

Getting personal for life’s important moments is easy. Milestone birthdays, new babies, new homes, or simply to celebrate an incredible friendship… these are occasions that Citrus Silver captures to ensure the memories are always close.

We have added a Wedding Collection for the bride, groom, or joyful guest and offer corporate and group gifting with a personal touch. Even fundraising is personal and easy with Citrus Silver.

Whatever your requirements, we can provide the creativity you need to give personalized, Canadian hand-made gifts that show your thoughtful appreciation. Just don’t forget to put a little something in your jewellery drawer while you are shopping.